All Curiosities and Reviews About Axonics Therapy

Axonic Therapy is an alternative medicine often used to help patients with certain types of pain. The system uses electrical pulses to treat specific pain points on the body. These pulses are very effective in reducing pain and speeding up healing.

Therapy can be done through doctors who specialize in this treatment. In this article, you will find the benefits, side effects, cost and reviews about axonic therapy.

What is Axonics Therapy?

Axonics Therapy is a non-surgical, implantable device used to treat urinary incontinence in people suffering from overactive bladder (OAB). The device provides gentle stimulation to the bladder’s nerves. This treatment is recommended for patients unable to respond to conventional treatment methods, such as medications and surgery. People with OAB can use Axonics Therapy to regain control of their life.

Overactive bladder, or OAB, affects over 50 million women in the U.S. alone. Many women have tried other treatment methods, including medications, but are frustrated by the lack of meaningful results.

Sacral neuromodulation from Axonics can be a long-term solution for people with OAB and have enjoyed a high patient satisfaction rate. This treatment requires monthly charging sessions lasting less than an hour.

It can safely be performed in outpatient surgical settings. To determine whether or not a patient should receive a permanent device to monitor bowel and bladder function, a temporary device is first implanted.

The duration of this trial run will range from five to fourteen days. The patient will be able to return to their routine after that.

Is Axonics Therapy Safe?

Axonics therapy is safe. It has been used to treat overactive bladder, incontinence, and sacral neuromodulation. There is no invasive procedure required to implant the Axonics system.

Patients with overactive bladder can benefit from the system’s long-term effectiveness, as it only requires a single non-staged procedure. In fact, 93% of subjects agreed that they could choose this therapy again.

Outpatient surgery is done. Local anesthesia. The gadget is implanted in the buttocks. The surgery takes 20–30 minutes. Medicare and private insurance usually cover treatment. Patients frequently resume normal activity within three weeks. Patients describe minor numbness or enhanced feeling.

Axonics Therapy is a type of sacral neuromodulation procedure that works by stimulating nerves in the sacrum. This therapy helps restore normal bladder and bowel function by retraining the nerves to send signals to the bladder.

These symptoms of overactive bladder and bowel incontinence can be reduced with this medication. Undergoing surgery, the gadget is surgically placed in the upper buttock.

How Effective is the Axonics?

One of the most common questions surrounding Axonics therapy is its effectiveness. The system is an implantable device, and its lifespan is 15 years. However, there is no long-term clinical trial data available for this device. As such, it is difficult to say how effective it is in clinical practice.

The Axonics system stimulates nerves in the sacrum with tiny electrical pulses. This helps the brain and bladder communicate more effectively. This results in improved urinary and bowel function and reduced symptoms of overactive bladder and bowel incontinence. In addition, the therapy has minimal side effects, making it a viable option for people with overactive bladder.

Patients can recover with Axonics therapy. It can help incontinent people go for lengthy walks, travel, and even the movies. Axonics can aid overactive bladder sufferers with this frustrating issue.

Cost of Axonics Therapy

Axonics Therapy Cost; Axonics therapy is an expensive procedure, but some insurers do cover it. This surgical device is implanted into the lower back near the sacral nerves. Usually, the patient doesn’t even have to stay overnight in the hospital for this treatment.

Two weeks of using an external device are required before doctors can say whether the surgery will benefit the patient. If the testing of the Axonics gadget goes well, surgery will be conducted to permanently implant it.

The device restores communication between the brain and the body. This results in improved mobility and bladder and bowel function. The procedure uses electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves responsible for these functions. The benefits of this therapy are obvious. Patients with OAB often report improved quality of life after the procedure.

The treatment costs approximately $30,000. Many health insurers cover the cost of Axonics therapy. Axonics is an excellent treatment for many women suffering from urinary incontinence. It can help them return to their normal lives.

Some patients are able to return to activities like walking long distances, going on vacation, or going to the movies without fear of incontinence.

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Axonics Therapy OAB

Axonics Therapy Side Effects

Axonics Therapy is a form of neuromodulation therapy used to treat overactive bladder symptoms, fecal incontinence, and urinary retention. While Axonics Therapy is generally considered safe, there are some potential side effects that individuals may experience. These side effects may include:

  1. Pain or discomfort at the implant site
  2. Infection
  3. Device failure or malfunction
  4. Nerve damage
  5. Allergic reaction to the device
  6. Urinary tract infection
  7. Temporary or permanent changes in sensation or muscle control in the pelvic area

Before receiving Axonics Therapy, it is essential to explore the potential risks and benefits with a healthcare physician and to immediately report any adverse effects or difficulties.

Axonics Therapy Reviews

In clinical trials, over 80 percent of patients reported improved symptoms one year after implantation. The device has a high success rate among those suffering from overactive bladder.

Axonics Therapy is a long-term solution that offers sustained results for patients with overactive bladder. Compared to traditional treatments, it can help patients return to a normal life. Axonics is also easy to use, and battery life is expected to last up to 15 years.

Axonics Therapy in NYC

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Axonics is a medical company based in Irvine, Calif., that is developing and commercializing novel implants for patients suffering from bowel or urinary disorders. This treatment, known as Sacral Neuromodulation, is used to reduce the symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB).

This condition affects as many as 50 million adult women in the U.S., and the procedure is clinically proven to reduce these symptoms. The company offers the treatment at hundreds of medical centers throughout the U.S. and dozens of select hospitals across Western Europe. The therapy is covered by insurance in most countries.

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