Cardiovascular Technician Salary

Cardiovascular technician salary; A cardiovascular technician’s salary is highly dependent on their level of experience. In a hospital setting, the technician’s job involves preparing patients for X-rays to identify the structures of their hearts and blood vessels. While this job does not require much training, it requires more work than other positions. However, salaries for this position tend to be higher than other similar jobs.

Average total cash compensation for a cardiovascular technician 

A cardiovascular technician must have excellent communication skills and have strong attention to detail. They should be able to work well with physicians and surgeons and be able to handle high-stress situations. They should also have excellent time management skills. It is important to be able to meet deadlines while assisting a variety of patients on a daily basis.

The average total cash compensation for a cardiovascular technician ranges from $49,993 for entry-level cardiology technicians to $78,225 for those at the top level of the field.

Cardiovascular technician salary –  Education required

Cardiovascular technician salary; The education required for cardiovascular technicians is typically an associate’s degree, but it can be as high as a bachelor’s degree. The more relevant and advanced the education, the higher the salary. Many employers prefer candidates with at least two professional certifications in the field. Education for cardiovascular technicians involves a lot of hands-on training with real patients.

Cardiovascular technologists are trained to operate and maintain complex diagnostic imaging equipment. They also need to be detail-oriented and able to follow detailed instructions. They may also work in an outpatient cardiac catheterization lab or in the emergency room. In both settings, they are responsible for prepping patients for procedures, adjusting controls and monitoring equipment according to physician’s orders and a proven protocol, and supervising students.

The job market for cardiovascular technicians is fast-growing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for cardiovascular technologists will grow by 29 percent by 2020. In 2011, the average salary for cardiovascular technologists was $52,160. However, 10 percent of them made more than $72,000. Some cardiovascular technicians learn their skills on the job, while others complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program.

Job outlook

Cardiovascular technician salary; If you are interested in working as a cardiovascular technician, numerous job opportunities are available. These positions range from entry-level technicians to more advanced ones and offer an average salary of close to $60,000 per year. In addition to earning a high salary, cardiovascular technicians are a vital part of medical teams that help save lives.

Cardiovascular technologists are trained to perform cardiac tests with specialized equipment. They also explain the testing procedures to patients and record test results. This career field requires a high level of accuracy. Job growth is expected in this field, as the population ages and more diagnostic tests are needed. There is also room for career growth and a steady schedule.

Cardiovascular technician training is offered at many community colleges and can be earned in two years. Some programs offer associate or bachelor’s degrees. The Commission accredits these programs on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. They include biology, chemistry, mathematics, human anatomy, and medical terminology courses.

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