Active Release Therapy Certification (ART Performance Care)

ART Performance Care Certification is a fantastic choice for anyone who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical industry. It can help you become a qualified healthcare professional and can make you more profitable. Using the ART approach to treatment, you can help your patients recover faster and prevent pain.

Active Release Therapy Certification – Level 1 Introduction

ART (Active Release Techniques) is an innovative form of manual therapy aimed at alleviating the symptoms of musculoskeletal ailments. Developed by Dr. Michael Leahy, a chiropractor with an engineering background, the technique combines state-of-the-art technology with the human touch to produce effective results. The method uses a series of light touch strokes and manipulations to break up entrapped adhesions, restore normal motion, and reduce pain.

The ART Level 1 is a two-part course that is broken into an online training manual and a live, in-person seminar. Level 1 is meant to equip aspiring therapists with the foundational information and abilities they’ll need to provide effective care to their patients.

This includes an explanation of the ART treatment process, a review of gross anatomy, a look at the patient’s presentation, and a brief demonstration of the ART treatment method. Active release therapy certification is also included. Students must do well in both sections of the ART Level 1 Course in order to get the certificate.

Active Release Therapy Certification – Level 1 Upper Extremity

ART Upper Extremity Level 1 offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn techniques that treat common upper extremity soft tissue disorders. The program includes both a live in-person instruction seminar and an online Level One Introduction component. It is designed to teach practitioners how to identify the cause of a patient’s problem and treat it.

Active Release Techniques Upper Extremity Level One combines a variety of manual treatment protocols for treating a wide variety of soft tissue dysfunctions. These protocols, which can be applied to a variety of practices, focus on movement and palpation. Each protocol has its own unique manual placement and technique. This allows the practitioner to evaluate a variety of soft tissues and muscles and to determine whether a patient is experiencing a healthy or unhealthy condition.

ART Upper Extremity Level 2

ART Upper Extremity Level 2 builds on the information and techniques learned in the Level 1 course. This seminar provides instruction on how to treat common shoulder and elbow dysfunctions and other common issues. This seminar also introduces techniques for restoring relative motion between spinal structures.

The protocols are taught by Matt Modeline, DPT, who has been certified in ART spine and upper extremity. The course is designed to help healthcare providers treat a variety of soft tissue problems, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder.

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