Head Massage NYC

Head massage NYC; Indian Head Massage or Champissage is a form of alternative medicine massage. This type of massage focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, and head. The massage may also include the face. It is very relaxing and can help relieve stress and tension. It also promotes better sleep. Read more about this massage from an Indian or Chinese perspective.

Chinese head massage

The traditional Chinese head massage is a gentle treatment focusing on the acupressure points in the head and face. It relaxes, improves head-based senses, and balances yin and yang forces. In addition, this type of massage uses only minimal amounts of oil to achieve optimal results.

The treatment is based on the concept that vital energy flows through the body’s meridians. During a Chinese massage, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points to clear blockages in these channels. Acupressure is often used to relieve pain, ease headaches, and support the immune system and digestion.

Other benefits of this type of massage include enhancing focus and memory. Additionally, it is a good treatment for migraine sufferers and those suffering from dizziness. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and enhances the complexion.

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Head massage NYC

Head Massage NYC is a private sanctuary in Gramercy Park that offers head massage, face-lifting, and detox treatments. Its focus is on holistic healing based on Ayurveda and natural products. In 2003, Denise obtained a teaching license from the London Center of Indian Champissage. The studio uses top-quality equipment to provide the best treatments.

The cost of a head massage NYC varies depending on the location, establishment, and length of the massage. A head massage costs $50-$80 per hour. To book a head massage NYC, you can visit the Booksy app or search for nearby salons. You can use the app’s filtering options and map view to narrow your options.

Head massage is a traditional therapeutic technique that is a great way to reduce stress. A professional will use the correct strokes and plans to work on your head, neck, and shoulders.

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