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When it comes to family therapy NYC, it’s about more than just finding a psychologist. It’s about finding the right psychologist to work with your family to create positive change that will last, even when it gets tough. Family therapy NYC is about more than just saving the marriage. It’s about creating a better family life.


“Results Driven Couples Therapy, a dynamic consulting and counseling firm in New York City (NYSE: NY MICR), specializes in marriage and family therapy, Infertility counseling, family therapy, and couples’ therapy while emphasizing transformational and collaborative practice,” according to its website.

Family Therapy NYC – Clinical Social Workers

The company was founded in 1986 by Morris Lipton. According to the Business Week article, “Morris Lipton, a former advertising executive, developed a program that helps families overcome problems such as alcohol and drug addiction, depression and stress.”


In New York, family therapist jobs are a dime a dozen. But finding a family psychologist who will be suitable for you and your family is no easy task. According to a publication from the American Psychological Association, “In New York, there are an estimated 5.4 psychologists for every one hundred residents.”

Psychologists come from all different specialties and settings. The most common family therapy jobs in New York are family and marriage therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and marriage counselors.


Family Therapy NYCPin
Family Therapy NYC


The Benefits of Family Therapy

Whether you are looking to improve your family relationships or are looking for a way to work through difficult situations, family therapy may be just what you need. By examining the patterns and fears of each family member, family therapy can help to build healthier family systems.

A family therapist can provide structure and support to help you deal with life’s challenges. They will also help you find ways to communicate better with your family. The therapist will analyze the family’s dynamic, explore family rules, and identify any weaknesses contributing to conflicts. They will also examine the family’s ability to express emotions.

The number of sessions required for family therapy will vary depending on the family’s needs. Usually, the sessions last around 50 minutes to an hour. Finding a therapist who is experienced in treating families with specific problems is important.

The family therapist will work with each family member to develop a treatment plan that will work for your family. This may include setting boundaries, working through conflicts, and educating the family on patterns and ways to work through those patterns.

Family therapy is a useful tool for a wide variety of mental health disorders. It is especially helpful for families with several generations. 

Licensed to Practice Family Therapy


If you are not sure which family psychologist would be best for you and your family, consider what your family would want in a family therapist. What does your family expect? Are they looking for someone who will listen to them and offer insight? Do they want someone to understand their situation and help them solve it?


Another essential factor to consider is that NYC has an extremely high rate of family therapy agencies that can provide therapy either in-house or outside the office. You have many options if you are looking for a family psychologist in NYC. However, you may want to research to find the best family therapist for you and your family.


If you are looking for family therapist jobs in New York, check out the credentials of each therapist you are considering. Ask them how many family therapy clients they have worked with and the outcomes they have achieved.


Ask whether or not they are licensed to practice family therapy in New York state and also inquire about the fees they charge. Remember that family therapist jobs can be advantageous and also stressful, so who you work with is very important. 

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NYC – A Great Place to Be if You’re Looking For a Family Therapist!


Family Therapy NYC is located in midtown Manhattan, is a full-service family therapy practice, specializing in family therapy with an emphasis on family dynamics, family planning, family therapy and family law, especially divorce, custody and child custody issues.


“Results Driven Couples Therapy, a dynamic, innovative consulting and counseling practice in New York City, specializes in marriage and family therapy, Infidelity recovery, couples therapy, family therapy, etc, and interpersonal therapy,” says spiral2grow, an expert family counseling and relationship practice in midtown Manhattan.

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“We offer individual psychotherapy, working with adults and children, as well as family-focused and group psychotherapy. Our award-winning, flexible, and innovative therapy models help clients achieve self-empowerment, practical communication, and meaningful connections.”

Family Therapy NYCPin
Family Therapy NYC


Names of Agencies


In New York City, many family therapy practices are located in high-end, uptown Manhattan and other areas. Family therapists are committed to family-centered, collaborative, and problem-solving models.

They work closely with their clients and families to enhance family relationships by addressing the unique needs of family members and working with them to create an atmosphere of harmony and balance.


Many family therapy providers offer specialized family therapy programs that address the specific needs of different family members. These programs may include working with children, couples, or adults.


One can find family therapists in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, or any other location in the metropolitan area. To locate a family therapist, one can search online using keywords such as family therapist NYC or family therapy NYC.

Others include names of agencies or private therapists in the state of New York. The New York State Association for Family Therapy and Counseling has a directory listing on its website.

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