Geriatric Massage

Geriatric massage is a specialty within the field of Massage Therapy, focused on the needs of the aging population. It can help with joint and soft tissue issues, pain relief, and disease prevention. Practitioners can be certified in this specialty and specialize in geriatric massage. Here is more information about geriatric (Elderly) massage.

Geriatric massage therapist

A geriatric massage therapist specializes in working with aging people. These clients are often in residential care and can benefit from massages to relieve muscle pain and stress. This bodywork is especially effective for elderly individuals who often have complex medical conditions. It has the potential to boost a patient’s independence and quality of life.

The body of a senior client is delicate and, therefore, requires a different massage technique than that of a younger client. Performing deep tissue work or clever techniques on an older adult could lead to bruising or pain. In addition, aging bodies experience more joint problems and stiffness. The skin of older people is also thin and can easily tear.

Elderly massage sessions are short and gentle, improving a patient’s flexibility and reducing pain. These sessions are also customized to a client’s health needs. They may consist of gentle brushing of the skin and slow, circular massage movements. A elderly massage therapist may also use pressure points for additional relief.

Geriatric massage benefits

Geriatric massage can help people with age-related conditions such as arthritis. It can also increase lymphatic flow and promote the excretion of harmful substances. It can also improve mobility in Parkinson’s patients. This type of massage is very relaxing and comfortable. It also improves circulation and prevents diabetes and other medical conditions.

Massage in nursing homes could spur the need for more geriatric massage therapists. However, you must have the proper training and experience to provide adequate services. Studies have shown that massage can help seniors cope with pain, increase their immune system and reduce stress. The introduction of COVID-19 legislation could also be a big push for the massage industry. This law could prove this type of therapy’s importance to the geriatric community.

Geriatric massage certification

Geriatric massage is an expanding practice within the field of Massage Therapy. The goal of geriatric massage is to address the unique needs of the aging population. It focuses on the prevention of joint and soft tissue problems as well as the assessment and treatment of these systems. These goals can include pain relief, addressing specific dysfunction, or even addressing a disease.

Geriatric massage is unique in that it requires specialized techniques and flexible positioning. For example, the average person may be unable to turn over on a massage table or may need assistance getting on and off the table. It also requires sensitivity and reassurance when working with older clients. A geriatric massage session typically lasts 30 minutes.

Once you have obtained your geriatric massage training certificate, you can provide massage services to this aging population. This group is widely diverse and has a wide range of needs. Some RMTs choose to specialize in this niche population, while others prefer to maintain a general practice.

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