How to Give a Tapotement Massage

Tapotement massage; Experiencing a Tapotement Massage in a calm, leisurely setting is the greatest way to learn how to do one. Please don’t focus on the techniques but on why you are doing them. The goal is to release your stress and tension and allow your body to heal. Tapotement Massage can be used to massage many different areas of the body.

Tapotement Massage & Petrissage

Petrissage massage improves the flow of lymphatic and venous blood, promoting deeper relaxation of tissues. It also helps the immune system by removing waste products in the tissues. In addition, it helps to remove scar tissue and improves muscle elasticity. It also stimulates the skin, increasing blood circulation and rehydrating the skin.

Petrissage is not recommended over inflamed or tender areas with new scar tissue. It should also be avoided over areas with recently performed surgery. Pregnant women should avoid petrissage because it can interfere with the stability of the joints.


Effleurage is a style of massage that uses rhythmic hand stroking movements over the skin. It stretches the tissues, relaxes the client, and aids in the dispersal of waste products. Effleurage is usually the first technique used during a tapotement massage session. It can be used at different tempos and with different pressure.

Effleurage helps the lymphatic system work properly. If your lymph nodes are removed or damaged, your body may have a difficult time eliminating the excess fluid. If this happens, you can develop an increased lymphedema, which can be unhealthy. It would be best to keep the lymph fluid moving throughout your body to prevent this from occurring. Effleurage massage is an effective way to accomplish this.


The name hacking tapotement massage comes from the underlying technique, which resembles the motion used by martial arts fighters. Hacking tapotement massage is often shown on martial arts films, or during warm-up exercises before sporting events. The hands are stretched with the palms facing each other and the fingers held lightly, striking the client’s skin in succession. This massage is used to relieve muscle tension, bruising, and stiffness and can loosen mucus.

Hacking tapotement is a technique that uses rhythmic hand movements with a fast pace. Unlike most other massage techniques, tapotement uses the edges of the hand, fingers, or cupped hands and loose fists. The aim is to stretch muscle fibers and increase their mobility. This type of massage also aids in lymphatic and venous return.


The rhythm and percussion movements used in tapotement massage can be a relaxing experience. They can also be effective for relieving pain and releasing mucus from the lungs. However, they require considerable practice and can be taxing on the body. Fortunately, percussion devices have been developed to mimic these movements.

The percussion massager works by stimulating the skin’s touch receptors. This stimulates blood flow to the area. It also stimulates connective tissues that surround and support the muscles. This helps the tissues remain elastic.

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