What is Prolozone Therapy? What Does It Do?

Prolozone therapy is an alternative medical intervention without any side effects, applied to relieve pain or reduce its severity by improving the body’s self-healing ability. If we ask what is prolozone therapy is a non-surgical injection treatment that can regenerate damaged tissue.

Ligaments and discs can weaken or become injured due to injury, overload, or surgery and lose their former strength. It can cut or become damaged due to injury, surplus, or surgery and lose its former strength. Prolozone treatment aims to strengthen the ligaments, bones, joints, and intervertebral discs.

How Is Prolozone Therapy Injection Made?

In Prolozone Therapy, ozone is injected into and around the ligaments attached to the bone. Injected ozone increases blood circulation and the flow of healing nutrients and activates cells. Ozone is a naturally occurring, highly reactive molecule of three oxygen atoms and enhances repair when injected into the desired tissue.

Where is Prolozone injected? It can be injected especially into inflamed tendons, knee and shoulder parts, and facet joint space.

It is even injected directly into tissue areas. Prolozone injection combines local anesthetic medication, B vitamins, and ozone into this affected area. Since ligaments and joints are weak in blood circulation, these areas are fed with prolozone support.

What is Prolozone Therapy? What Does It Do?Pin

Which Diseases Get Better with Prolozone Therapy?

When prolozone injection therapy reviews and comments are examined, we see that it is primarily good for back and neck pain. So what other diseases will improve with prolozone treatment?

• Back and neck pain – degenerative disc disease

• Sports injuries

Osteoarthritis – calcification

• Shoulder pain and tears from rotator cuff injuries

• Arthritic joints

• Carpal Tunnel syndrome

• Tennis elbow

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Traumas due to sprains

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Prolozone Therapy Recovery Time

The results of Prolozone treatment vary from person to person and depend on the ability to heal, age, physical condition, and severity of the damage. Some people get better with one treatment, while others may need two to five treatments.

Prolozone therapy also helps to fight infections. It has been shown to help heal and restore damaged cartilage and ligaments. It can also help rebuild surrounding structures, such as muscles and tendons.

Patients may experience waxing and waning pain, although the intensity of symptoms should gradually decrease. The number of treatments required will depend on the severity of your injury. It is generally recommended that you avoid anti-inflammatory medications before and after the injection.

The injection is repeated every 4-6 weeks until improvement is noted. Those who have had severe pain for years may need more injections; this treatment is planned individually.

Prolozone Therapy NYC

Prolozone Treatment is natural and very safe. Reviews about this treatment note that it is permanent. All research shows that there are no side effects when applied correctly. We also have some advice if you are looking for “Prolozone Therapy near me” or “Prolozone Therapy doctors near me” on the net. Doctor Likver has extensive experience in applying Prolozone treatment, which helps promote the natural healing of joint and soft tissue injuries in his patients in the NYC area.

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