ADHD Schools NYC

ADHD Schools NYC; A variety of ADHD Schools in New York cater to the needs of students with ADHD. These programs provide individualized care and follow the New York State Department of Education guidelines. The curriculum at these programs includes math, science, social studies, art, music, computers, and physical education.

Teachers have the expertise to assist each student to grow in the areas that will make them successful in life. Additionally, an ADHD Speech Pathologist works alongside teachers to help children with ADHD develop language comprehension and verbal communication skills. Finally, the Clinical Staff includes a Psychiatrist/Psychologist.

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Stephen Gaynor School

ADHD Schools NYC, The Stephen Gaynor School for ADHD in New York is a private independent school that has served students with ADHD for over 50 years. Located in Manhattan, the school was first opened in 1962 with five students. It is now a well-regarded school with a growing reputation for excellence and a solid commitment to individual student growth.

Stephen Gaynor School is located in a former horseback riding academy providing dressage lessons and riding in Central Park. The school’s solid academic program emphasizes individualized learning and a caring, cohesive community. The school is dedicated to helping students develop self-awareness and to teach them life-long strategies for success.

The Stephen Gaynor School for ADHD in New York is a private school with a low student-teacher ratio. Its classes are small, with only three students to a teacher. The school is also affiliated with the New York Interschool.


ADHD Schools NYC – Beekman

Students with ADHD need additional support to succeed in school. Teachers at the Beekman School work closely with parents to ensure a positive educational environment. They provide study halls, resources, and regular reminders to students. They also have reduced course loads and supervised study halls. Students are also provided with accommodations to accommodate their learning styles.

The Beekman School has an exceptional reputation for academic success. Its small class sizes, highly individualized instruction, and compassionate teachers help students learn and grow. Students at the Beekman School will enter college with the self-confidence and scholarship that comes with a good education. If you want your kid to succeed in life, the Beekman School is where you should send them.

The Beekman School is a private school located in Poughquag, NY. The school enrolls 71 students. The student-to-teacher ratio is 3:1.

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