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Focus on Soft Tissue Work

Best Physical Therapy NYC, What does it take to become the best physical therapy NY has to offer? If you think you know, you might be right, but you will also be surprised. Just because a physical therapist is New York does not mean that they have the same modalities and philosophies as a doctor in, for instance, North Carolina. It just so happens that New York has some of the most dedicated and talented medical professionals in the nation.

Okay, so what exactly does the best physical therapy NY has to offer look like? Well, first and foremost, they know their stuff. This may sound obvious, but physical therapists are skilled at what they do. They are good at diagnosing imbalances, developing a plan for treating those imbalances and then executing that plan to the letter.

One of the best things about physical therapy NYC is that it has you lying down on a table under anesthesia while they perform all kinds of delicate and complex procedures. Remember, you will not remember much of this. But the memory of it is long-lasting. Physical therapists focus on soft tissue work, meaning work with muscles, tendons and ligaments. This includes massage, electrical muscle stimulation (EMIs), laser therapy, soft-tissue work including massage, heat and cold packs, traction and ultrasound.

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Behavioral Difficulties

Another specialty that is offered by therapy NY is in traumatic brain injuries (TBI). You might be wondering how this can be related to physical therapy. Well, if the injury to your head was caused by something like a vehicle collision or a sports injury, you might as well benefit from the brain surgery and rehabilitation that has been performed. At the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Veterans Affairs New York site, you learn that nearly one-third of people with a TBI experience some form of emotional or behavioral difficulties.

If you have ever been referred to a physical therapist, the chances are good that you were treated to a variety of manual therapies such as massage, heat pads and ultrasound. The truth is that you need more than just manual therapy if you are going to heal properly. Therapists are trained to assess your condition, determine the cause and find the best treatment that focuses on fixing the problem. Asking the right questions can help you determine what kind of pain you are suffering from. The best physical therapy NYC can provide you with may be the kind of relief that you need from chronic pain, but first you need to make sure that you are getting the right kind of medical care.

After receiving the right diagnosis, your physical therapist will then work with you to determine the best course of treatment. Physical therapy NYC offers a variety of services to meet the needs of every patient, including chiropractic, athletic therapy, rehabilitative training, soft tissue work and more. Whatever treatment option you are interested in, call us today to schedule a consultation so that you can receive the soft tissue work that may have been missing due to your injury or condition.

Best Physical Therapy NYCPin

Physical Therapy Near NYC

When looking for a NYC physical therapy clinic, you should first look at the facilities and amenities that are available. The best physical therapy NY clinics offer a wide range of therapies and services that address the musculoskeletal conditions and disorders of the human body. Physical therapy helps patients move their bodies in ways they are not accustomed to. Some of these services include exercise science classes, instruction in yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, and massage therapy, as well as other specialty services. Most clinics offer many different levels of therapy to accommodate all levels of pain.

“ActiveSense Physical Therapy NYC” is an organization that provides high-quality physical therapy services. Our physical therapists, supervised by Karena Wu (M.D. ), utilize modern therapeutic techniques to treat almost all kinds of common and severe patient injuries.

All therapists who specialize in manual therapy have received specialized training in order to treat spinal injuries, soft tissue injuries, joint issues and more. This kind of specialized training makes them better able to perform their jobs, as well as give their patients a better overall quality of life. If you or a loved one is injured or disabled, you should consider seeking help from a professional physical therapy near you. NYC spas offer many different services to help improve your quality of life. You can call the hotline number listed below to find out more information on the services that are offered in your area.

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