Best Rated Physical Therapy In NYC

Best rated physical therapy NYC; New York offers several reputable locations for high-quality physical treatment. These clinics have garnered exceptional evaluations from their patients and are conveniently situated in Midtown and other prominent districts of the city. Some of the best physical therapy in NYC facilities include ActiveCare, New York Sports Medicine, and Integrative Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy is a proven method for recovering from physical injuries. Whether you have sustained a traumatic injury or a minor niggle, physical therapy can help you feel better fast.

Integrative Physical Therapy In NYC

Integrative Physical Therapy is located on East 44th Street, just blocks from Grand Central Station, and is an excellent place to seek physical therapy for a range of injuries and ailments. The staff is highly trained and carries a wealth of knowledge about the body’s systems. The clinic provides individualized treatment plans for each patient. They are also known for their compassionate and positive approach to patients, and working one-on-one with patients, they ensure they receive the best treatment.

Physical Therapy is a proven way to recover from a variety of conditions. While some treatments can involve more complicated surgical procedures, physical therapy is the best way to treat a number of conditions, from sports injuries to fitness-related injuries. This list of the best rated physical therapy in NYC isn’t exhaustive, but it is based on customer feedback and patient outcomes.

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NYPT Health and Rehab is another option for physical therapy in NYC. It is located conveniently in Midtown Manhattan’s Flatiron District. The physical therapist at NYPT is registered with the state and develops customized care plans for each patient. He values the importance of personalized care and attention to detail.

Best Rated Physical Therapy NYCPin
Best Rated Physical Therapy NYC

Best Rated Physical Therapy – New York Sports Med

New York Sports Med Physical Therapy is one of the best rated physical therapy centers in NYC. Its comprehensive treatment plans help patients improve their strength and mobility, while minimizing pain and increasing functionality. The center accepts most insurances and has connections with the state’s top physicians.

It treats a variety of injuries from aging athletes to sports injuries. The staff is highly trained and committed to providing top-quality care. The therapists at this facility are patient-centered and don’t rely on machines to treat patients. This practice is located in the Upper East Side near 72nd Street.

The center’s doctors include Dr. Lev Kalika, one of the top sports medicine physicians in NYC. He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011 and has extensive orthopedic and sports injuries training.

Dr. Tatz

As an award-winning physical therapist, Dr. Tatz takes a unique approach to physical therapy. He blends various manual therapies with the latest technologies to provide patients with the best possible treatment. His hands are incredibly talented, and he gives patients the kind of attention they deserve.

His practice is a multi-location network with several locations throughout the city. Each of his offices specializes in specific areas. This gives patients the opportunity to go to one that specializes in their specific condition. His NYC location offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation.

His credentials speak for themselves. He has extensive experience in treating sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and osteoporosis. He is also certified in myofascial release and acupuncture. In addition to his extensive training, Dr. Tatz has a passion for learning about Eastern and Western medicine.

Dr. Yellin

Dr. Jeffrey Yellin is a certified physical therapist in Melville, NY. He is affiliated with several hospitals in the area and has been practicing for over 20 years. He specializes in the treatment of neurological and spinal disorders, including headaches, insomnia, and seizures. He also treats patients with neuromuscular disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

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