Dimple Surgery Adds Beauty to Your Beauty

The latest trend in plastic surgery is dimple surgery to give even those who don’t naturally have perfect facial dimples. This surgery is known as dimple aesthetics and is where the surgeon creates dimples on the patient’s face, cheeks, near the lips, or chin. This relatively quick and easy operation takes no more than 40-60 minutes and performs under local anesthesia. 

The specialist makes a minimal incision on the skin inside the cheek for dimples in the cheek area and on the lower lip for dimples on the chin. In this way, it creates a small hole that can be oval or round, very or not very noticeable, and will create a dimple on the surface of the patient’s skin. Since the incision to open the hole is made through the mouth, there will be no scars; only the dimples will be visible. 

The success of dimples is due to some Hollywood stars who naturally have dimples. Showing off the dimples on the red carpet triggered a spasmodic search for dimples. Thus the success of dimple aesthetics, especially among the young generation Y. This new Hollywood craze is slowly sweeping the world. However, it’s still surgery, so you should think wisely and take precautions.

Ideal Candidates for Dimple Creation Surgery

It should note that there is no age limit for dimple surgery. However, the condition that you don’t have a health problem that prevents surgical intervention is also required.

It will be better for you to resolve your weight problem before benefiting from dimple surgery. This way, the area of ​​the dimples you gain with the procedure will not change after the weight loss process. All women and men who aren’t during pregnancy and lactation can benefit from dimple removal.

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Dimple Surgery Cost 2024

If you are considering having dimple surgery, you should also consider the cost. We all want to have quality surgery at a lower price. So how much does dimple surgery cost, and which one is recommended in NYC?

Fees vary according to the procedures performed, the time required, the type of anesthesia used, and the shape of your dimple. In NYC, for dimple surgery, Dr. Prasad is quite famous.

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Dimple Surgery Before After

How is Dimple Plastic Surgery Performed? (Before and After)

Finding an experienced plastic surgeon is the first step in approaching any surgery. Once the doctor sees, a specialist will reveal the risks and benefits of the case during the doctor’s visit. The surgeon will then assess whether you’re an ideal candidate for dimple surgery and analyze your face to locate the dimples.

Dimple surgery is a specialist plastic surgery job, and there is no hospitalization. The operation is minimally invasive, takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and you will be under local anesthesia. In general, this surgery consists of the following steps:

  • The surgeon cuts through your cheek with a scalpel (the incision is about 2 to 3 mm) and takes a small amount of muscle and fat to create your dimple.
  • For dimples, a specialist makes incisions inside your mouth. Thus, you will not have any visible scars after the procedure.
  • Finally, the specialist makes the necessary shaping and completes the procedure.
  • There is no hospitalization after the surgery, and you can return to normal activities a few days after having the dimple aesthetic.

After Dimple Surgery

Care for dimple surgery typically includes:

  • After the intervention to create the pits, you will need to follow the surgeon’s recommendations. This includes 24 hours of rest and 15 days of special care.
  • Your doctor will recommend that you take analgesics to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by the operation, which may take several days. They may also recommend taking antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Be careful not to bump your treated area; eat and chew gently.
  • Some surgeons place paper-based breathable and hypoallergenic bandages that you will need to wear until your doctor tells you to facilitate healing. Usually, this period is 13 to 17 days. However, your doctor will evaluate a sufficient time for you.
  • Don’t smoke before and after surgery to avoid possible risks of infection. You should continue this ban for as long as the surgeon deems necessary in the postoperative period.
  • You will also need adequate oral hygiene to keep your oral cavity clean and germ-free. If your doctor deems necessary, you can use washes to facilitate hygiene.

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