Chinese Tui Na Massage Therapy

Tui Na Massage; Developed in China, Tui Na is a traditional hands-on manipulation treatment method. It is used to treat many different ailments, including muscular-skeletal problems, orthopedic conditions, and diseases of the internal organs. It also works to relieve emotional holding patterns. Traditional Chinese medicine is often utilized in tandem with other modalities.

What is Tui Na, and how does it work?

The origins of Tui Na massage may be traced back in China by about four thousand years. The name comes from the Chinese word for “push” and “pull.” It can be very vigorous and intense or more subtle. Tui Na can treat various ailments, including muscular skeletal disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, musculoskeletal injuries, and postural holding patterns. In addition to the physical body, Tui Na works on emotional holding patterns and treats the channel sinews. It is also effective in treating diseases of the internal organs.

The practitioner’s hands are trained to be strong and forceful, and their fingers are used to stimulate selected acupuncture points with wrist pressure. Tui Na uses finger pressure and thumb pressure to stimulate certain acupuncture points.

The massage aims to direct the flow of Qi through the body or to move it. Tui Na can be both gentle and vigorous. The practitioner uses different strokes, such as kneading, circular rubbing, and pressing. It also uses acupressure, which stimulates points close to the body’s surface.

Tui Na Massage Benefits

Tui Na massage is an effective treatment for many physical ailments and is also used to treat infants and children. It is also useful for those suffering from cancer and chemotherapy. It also treats musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain and sciatica. It can be used to treat all types of physical injury, and is especially effective for acute distress.

Tui Na is practiced on clothed patients and is safe for patients suffering from skin diseases. Tui Na massage can be applied to children and pregnant women but should be avoided in the lower back until after the fifth month of pregnancy. It is also contraindicated for fractures in the early stages. If you have questions about whether Tui Na is safe for your specific situation, contact your GP for advice.

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Chinese Qi Gong Massage and Tui Na

Tui Na is a technique that originated in ancient China. It is now used in many Asian countries to treat various illnesses. It is used as an alternative to acupuncture and can be a valuable complement to herbal medicine. In addition, Tui Na works with Qigong to treat ailments.

Tui na massage is used as an adjunct to acupuncture and is a complement to Qigong massage. Tui Na can also be used to treat conditions such as sciatica, which is common in the third trimester of pregnancy. The application of Tui Na requires a high degree of sensitivity and knowledge. In addition, Tui Na is used with other Chinese diagnostic techniques to provide a complete picture of the patient’s condition.

Tui Na Massage NYC

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