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Hairline surgery is a very effective cosmetic procedure. It reduces a person’s hairline and minimizes the appearance of a wide forehead, providing balance and improving the overall symmetrical appearance of the face.

This procedure usually takes two hours to complete. Hairline surgery recommends for people who are unsatisfied with the length of their forehead and may benefit from the process aesthetically.

Ideal Candidates for Hairline Surgery

In general, anyone with realistic expectations and good health is the ideal candidate for hairline surgery. However, women who are satisfied with the middle of their forehead and don’t have deep coves on the sides should consider a hair transplant.

The result of a hair transplant will look entirely natural, and the disadvantages of a surgical procedure will outweigh the advantage of a quick result. In general, those with the following problems are the best candidates for hairline surgery:

  • Having a naturally high hairline
  • A receding hairline
  • Wide forehead

How Does Hairline Surgery Work?

Hairline surgery can correct a congenital high hairline or, in some cases, a receding hairline due to hair loss. Women prefer the procedure more than men. According to authorities, a woman’s hairline is usually attractive if it’s 6 to 6,5 cm above the eyebrows.

Hairline reduction is successful if a balance between the patient’s expectations and anatomical limitations. The looseness of the scalp is a determining factor in how much a surgeon can lower the hairline. Depending on the scalp’s length, the surgeon can reduce the hairline between 0.5 and 3 cm. Dark skin is usually looser than light.

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How is Hairline Surgery Performed?

During the initial consultation, you will discuss your wishes, why you want this procedure and your special wishes with your surgeon. The surgeon will provide you with all the necessary information about the preparations for your practice, its various treatments, and the subsequent healing process.

The specialist makes a simulation after the initial consultation to give you a good idea of ​​the procedure. The specialist will do this by taking pictures of the front and sides of your face. This allows the surgeon to give you a realistic view of the final result and better explain the details of the procedure.

Also, the doctor will do laboratory tests, including a blood test and chest X-ray. When everything finishes, you’re now ready for surgery. Typically, for your comfort and convenience, specialists perform this procedure under general anesthesia.

The surgeon makes an incision at the hairline. This resulting new opening allows the surgeon to access the skin on your forehead and easily remove it. On average, this procedure reduces a person’s forehead size by 2.55 cm. Finally, the surgeon completes the process by suturing. The operation may take 1.5 to 2 hours on average.

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After Hairline Surgery

You will find yourself in the restroom as soon as you wake up. Here, your doctor will give you time to recover, check your vital signs, and offer you something to drink or eat:

  • You can eat something slowly at home during treatment under anesthesia. Choose foods that are easy to digest (water, tea, and rusks). Try to avoid nausea and vomiting. This reduces the risk of bleeding or occlusion of the wound. Still, it would be best if you drink plenty of water.
  • Your surgical site will initially be somewhat painful. You may also experience some tightness and pulling sensations. These symptoms will subside after one week. There may also be some itching in the scar during the healing period. Your scars are reddish and sometimes even swollen after the procedure. Don’t worry; this will decrease over time.
  • Knowing that some hair loss may occur in the first month after hairline surgery is helpful. These are lovely hairs. These hairs usually grow back in three months. After about six weeks, the first hairs emerge from the scar. This quickly makes the scar less visible.
  • Some patients experience some numbness in the anterior part of the skull. It may take up to a year, but it will come back.
  • It will take 12-18 months before you can evaluate the total result.

Hairline Surgery Costs

Hairline surgery costs can ultimately vary according to many different situations. For example, hairline surgery prices vary according to the surgeon’s experience, location, type of surgery, materials, and hospital or clinic.

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