Limb Lengthening Surgery 

Limb lengthening surgery can help people with short legs or arms. It treats a variety of causes, including congenital femoral deficiency, hemihypertrophy, and skeletal dysplasia.

This two-stage procedure involves cutting and separating the bone of your shorter limb, then using a device to lengthen the bones together slowly. This process is known as the consolidation phase and often takes several months.

What is limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery is a procedure that corrects bone length discrepancies in children and adults with bone growth conditions or birth defects. It can be a life-changing treatment for people who can’t use their legs or arms because of a leg length difference.

In the limb lengthening surgery, a surgeon cuts the bone to be lengthened and attaches an external device or frame to hold it in place. Then, small twists or pressure from a patient or family member pulls the bones apart very slowly and encourages new bone to grow between the ends of the cut bone.

The new bone grows at a rate of 1mm per day. It takes time for the new bone to harden and for the tissues to heal. Physical therapy is important in helping people recover from limb lengthening surgery.

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Limb lengthening surgery cost

Limb lengthening surgery is an expensive treatment option for those who want to add a few inches to their height. The procedure can cost up to six-figures for a single leg.

In the United States, height-extending surgery is only offered by a small number of clinics. Some U.S. providers charge over $250,000 for a procedure that includes both tibial and femoral lengthening. Bilateral femoral lengthening can cost more than $120,000.

Best limb lengthening surgery in world

Today, people can increase their height by 6-8 cm with one operation or 13-15 cm with two surgeries in less than a year.

Experienced surgeons in countries such as the USA, Germany, England, South Korea, Greece, and Turkey perform this life-changing procedure.

Limb lengthening Turkey

Limb lengthening surgery is one of the most popular procedures performed in Turkey. It is a treatment that corrects limb length discrepancies due to many reasons.

The limb lengthening surgery works by stimulating bone and soft tissue regeneration. It helps the body to produce new bones, ligaments, muscle tissue, nerves, and blood vessels in the affected area.

This is done by using an intramedullary rod inserted into the bone. It does not cause any pain and has a low infection risk.

The surgery takes about eight to 12 months to complete, and the rod is removed. The patient will gain approximately 2 to 3 inches of height during this time.

Leg lengthening surgery in Turkey is expected to cost between $10,000 and $45,000. The final cost could be different from one operation to the next.

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limb lengthening surgery

Sports after limb lengthening surgery

In most cases, limb lengthening surgery can allow patients to start running again. However, patients should consult their doctor before engaging in any strenuous activities.

X-rays are taken every couple weeks after the lengthening procedure to check for bone growth and nerve and muscle function.

Most people with limb lengthening surgery can return to sports after 6 to 12 months. Patients with a large femur-to-tibia ratio may not feel as though their shins are long enough to run, or they may have difficulty with the balance and mobility of their legs.

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