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NYC Cognitive Therapy, The mission of the Cognitive Therapy Association of NY is to advance the cause of mental health by providing comprehensive care for those who have a mental illness. The Cognitive Therapy Association of NY was formed in 1995 to improve the lives of those with mental illnesses.

About the Director: Noah Clymer, LCSW, ACT, is currently the director and clinical coordinator for NYC Cognitive Therapy. He has been a certified therapist in psychology, social work, and counseling for twenty-five years. He is a licensed social worker, school psychologist, and marriage and family therapist.


There are many benefits to learning at an accredited college or university that offers post-graduate training for therapists in mental health disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a trendy field, and thousands of people worldwide are now trained in it.

Post-graduates have gained higher education and employment opportunities because they possess a master’s degree in mental health disorders and various treatments. The following are some benefits of learning at an accredited cognitive therapy training center.

NYC Cognitive Therapy Job Opportunities

A Master’s degree program gives those who obtain it the ability to become licensed clinical social workers in the field of psychology. Licensed clinical social workers assist individuals with the basic needs of basic human dignity and psychological security. In addition, they provide a safe and affordable environment for individuals who experience trauma and/or depression.


The licensed clinical social worker also directs individual treatment plans and coordinates group treatment plans. Those who complete post-graduate training obtain jobs as registered nurses, psychologists, social workers, and psychologists in hospitals, private practices, and other facilities throughout the county and state.


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Situation in Government Institutions

Licensing and Certification: Anyone can obtain NYC cognitive therapy certification. However, specific requirements must be met and completed before becoming certified by the state of New York. Upon receiving the new cognitive therapy certification, graduates may work in their chosen field. However, most therapist jobs require at least a master’s degree. Some therapists work in schools, colleges, mental health facilities, government agencies, and private practices.


Positions of Service: NYC is home to many places with particular emphasis on mental health. One such place is the New York City AIDS Treatment Center. The AIDS epidemic of the eighties affected a majority of the residents of New York City and made finding a reputable therapist very difficult.


NYC was able to provide psychotherapy services through the provision of trained counselors at various locations all over the city. These counselors provide psychological counseling and group therapy to those who may not be able to find proper counsel on their own.


The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has also established several centers to help those with mental disorders. Several of these centers offer NYC cognitive therapy and post-graduate training in psychiatric medicine.

The New York State Psychiatric Institute is one such institute located in New York City. The institute conducts both individual and group counseling. They also work case consultation for those unable to seek treatment in the traditional way.

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How New York Cognitive Therapy Works

A company that offers affordable, professional therapy services for them emotionally, mentally, and physically challenged in the form of NYC cognitive therapy services is Milestone Therapy.

Located in Purchase, New York, this company offers a wide range of professional services: cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills therapy, and stress management therapy. At this time, the field of mental health therapy is a bit saturated as many companies offer similar services. So what sets Milestone Therapy apart from the others? It offers its clients free consultations to get to know the firm before signing on the dotted line.


Moreover, the fact that its therapists are employed by NYC hospitals and are therefore very familiar with the available treatment facilities is perhaps the main reason clients feel at ease during their consultations with the firm’s mental health therapists.

Professional at Milestone NYC

To help clients feel at ease, Milestone Therapy offers free phone consultations with its clinical social worker, psychologist, registered nurse, and private practice therapist specializing in marriage and family therapy.

Clients can book a free consultation with any of these therapists through a toll-free number provided by the firm. So if you are struggling with issues related to family and marriage, or coping with anxiety, depression, stress, or other similar problems, then you might consider consulting a professional at Milestone NYC before proceeding any further.


However, to ensure that you receive optimal care, you need to be aware of the fact that there may be times when you will need the supervision and assistance of your licensed social worker or licensed clinical social worker.

Any other qualified health care professional such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist. In such cases, a case consultation is arranged between you and your licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.


During your case consultation, your licensed therapist will determine the type of treatment that will best suit your needs and circumstances and the extent and severity of your condition.

This is often referred to as a mental health treatment plan. Your licensed therapist will also ensure that you meet all of your appointments, follow their treatment plan, and do not skip any charges or call off any work.

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