Arlington Depression Treatment Center – Review

Arlington Depression Treatment Center offers Deep TMS™, an FDA-approved treatment for depression (MDD), OCD, and other mood disorders. They are a provider located near you and may be able to offer support and resources for individuals struggling with substance abuse, including alcohol and drug abuse. 

While they specialize in depression treatment, they may also be able to guide other treatment options or referrals to other professionals who can help. It’s worth reaching out to them to explore your options and find the support you need.

Arlington Depression Treatment Center is an excellent clinic for those suffering from mental health disorders. They can help you recover from your illness permanently.


Depression is a severe illness affecting many people in Arlington, and it can be difficult to find treatment. However, various treatments are available to help you overcome this problem and lead a happier life.

One of these treatments is EVA, which is an outpatient treatment program. It involves 1-3 counseling sessions per week, typically held during evenings and weekends.

During these sessions, patients will discuss their feelings and emotions with their counselors. This helps them gain insight into their problems and get to the root of their issues.

Another type of treatment is Family Therapy, which aims to heal and rebalance dysfunctional family relationships. These sessions are often held in a group setting to bring families together.

Finally, there is Intensive Outpatient Treatment, which involves 10-20 hours of weekly counseling for three days or more. This form of treatment may benefit individuals who do not respond well to more relaxed treatment.

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy is a popular outpatient treatment program for those struggling with depression and other psychiatric conditions. It’s fast-acting, and many patients report feeling significant relief within a few days of the first infusion.

Unlike traditional treatments, ketamine infusions are safe and effective. They can be used to treat various psychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more.

A ketamine infusion treatment usually involves six infusions over three weeks. After that, patients will receive maintenance infusions every two to six weeks. Besides helping people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses, ketamine infusions can also relieve chronic pain.

TMS Therapy

The Brainsway TMS Therapy use is a safe therapy that harnesses a technology similar to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with a very long record of safety. TMS Therapy has been studied and is safe in more than 100 clinical trials. TMS Therapy has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2008. 

TMS has also been used in research and treatment across the globe for over ten years. Patients can expect very few side effects with TMS and tolerate the therapy very well. Headaches and local discomfort are typically fleeting and not too severe, and they are the most prevalent adverse effects. This discomfort exists only during the procedure and typically disappears after one to three treatments.

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Brainsway’s TMS Therapy utilizes powerful magnets to create the energy to cause neurons in your brain to fire. These are the same magnets used in MRIs, which have extensive safety data. Even better, TMS Therapy exposes the individual patient to only 1/30th the magnetic field of that of MRI.

Unlike medication-based treatment, TMS Therapy avoids the typical range of side effects that most psychiatric medications can potentially cause. With TMS Therapy, you can avoid the usual side effects of weight gain, Insomnia, dizziness, sweating, drowsiness and gastrointestinal distress.

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